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We aim to be simple, easy and functional

Wazala Touch

The new mobile commerce shopping experience for Wazala!
Every Wazala subscription now includes a mobile web browser optimized store, complete with touch and gesture based product browsing and shopping. Just browse to on your iPhone or Android device and check out Wazala Touch the mobile commerce experience of Wazala.
Seamlessly and elegantly super- imposes on your website
Wazala adds a simple and beautiful online store button to your website, when clicked the customer is immersed into a very engaging and fluid shopping experience right within your own site.
Wazala's look and feel simply works with any site design
We designed Wazala to allow a seamless integration with any website. The overlay will dim the background and light up the online store to allow for a compatible look with your existing site design.
Beautiful display of multiple product images and options
Assign multiple images to products, create different size or color options, switch the displayed image based on customer selection of product options, keep your customer engaged.
Advanced customization for the look and feel of your store
Embedding Wazala online store into a page within your site allows it to become a part of your design. Create your own online store button, and open the online shop to specific pages and more.
Sell physical and digital products from the same store
With Wazala you can sell hard goods and digital products. You can sell pictures, designs or music. You can even define different digital downloads for different product options. e.g. Hi Res or Low Res.
Critical inventory information at your figure tips
If you need to track inventory you can with our simple and straight forward inventory management options. Your online store can also alert you when you are getting low on certain products.
Elegant dashboard displaying all critical store activities
All online store activities accessible from a very easy to use and capable dashboard, highlighting new orders and customers activities for the past week and details on most recent daily activities.
A truly worldly shopping experience
With 15 languages to choose from, Wazala allows you to set a default language for your online store, and select other languages to support while allowing your customers to choose the language of your store.
Receive payments through widely used payment platforms
Wazala is integrated with Paypal, Google Checkout and Authorize, the widely used payment platforms for accepting credit cards and online payment for online stores, ecommerce platforms and shopping carts.
Offer coupons and discounts to value customers and partners
Promotional coupons are part of every day business. With Wazala you can create coupons for store wide, category or specific product use. Set expiration dates or limit number of uses. Its your call.
Wazala adapts and reacts to your growing store needs
Wazala can grow with you. If you are starting with a few products or growing with tens or hundreds of products, Wazala will scale and deliver on the performance you need to help you grow.
Integrated fulfillment and support
Need to keep using your fulfillment and bookkeeping platforms? No problem, Wazala allows for full integration so you can stay on track with your shipments and financial management.
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