Earn Revenues

You receive a 20% revenue share with every referral you send to Wazala. When we get paid, you get paid. Every client that you refer can earn you cash. There is no cap on earnings, or the number of subscribers you may enroll, even freemium accounts can convert once they upgrade in the future.

Refer & Forget

When referring your customers to Wazala you're sure that they will be happy! Wazala is easy to use, does not require any coding knowledge, and is open for anyone to use and sell online. You don't have to worry about providing support to your customers since we take care of that for you!

Do It Silently

Every partner receives a unique URL to use and refer others to Wazala. We use this to track your referrals, but you can also do it silently! Link to www.wazala.com directly from any website you own and do not advertise that you are earning any revenue to your site visitors.

Simple sign up process!

Fill out our simple sign up form, and we will be in touch. For questions about our Referral Partner Program, take a look at our FAQ's and the terms and conditions of the program are found here

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